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Books by Bo-Chee

Oh, My Lucky Stars

Oh, My Lucky StarsWhen you wish upon a falling star, sometimes your wish may not come true the way you anticipated. This charming tale starring author Valerie Hanks-Goetz granddaughters, Samantha and Alexis is sure to delight. Based on the true story of finding an abused, malnourished and abandoned horse in her backyard, Valerie shows how unexpected gifts sometimes are the very best gifts we can have.

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Get more with the "Oh, My Lucky Stars" enrichment activities. Map out Lucky's path, name the states, color his flight and complete the word scramble.

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The Truth About February

The truth about FebruaryJoin two young men as they visit Bo-Chee to find out the true story about why February had fewer days than all of the other eleven months. There's more to the story than what is told in history books.

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Get more with the "Truth About February" enrichment activities. Create your own calendar, help the Ogel get through the maze, make Valentines and complete the word scramble.

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Lucky Shoes

Lucky ShoesOh no, Lucky's feet hurt! He needs new shoes. But what kind of shoes does a horse wear? Join Alexis and Samantha as they help Lucky find his "lucky" shoes.

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Get more with the "Lucky Shoes" enrichment activities. Complete the word scramble, color Lucky's shoes, find the "lucky" shoe and match up the animals to their feet.

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